Proposal Submission

After approval in GU-PASS, final proposal documents should be received by the RDS proposal specialist no less than three days before the sponsor deadline. Receiving documents well in advance of the deadline is the best way to ensure on-time and error-free proposal submissions.

Upon receipt of the final documents, the RDS proposal specialist will

  • Review and upload the documents to the relevant online submission portal
  • Provide the PI with a complete application package to review
  • Make any necessary application or document updates
  • Mark the application as ready for submission and notify OSR (for federal applications) or the RDS Deputy Director (for non-federal applications)

When OSR’s Pre-Award Proposal Manager has been notified the application is ready for submission, they will review the application for completeness and submit the proposal on behalf of the University to the federal funding agency. For non-federal awards, the RDS Deputy Director will perform the same role.