Lombardi Standing Mock Study Sections

Lombardi Standing Mock Study Sections are peer review of drafts of grants for Lombardi faculty to improve chances of successfully competing for peer-reviewed funding. Standing study section members (Drs. Glazer, Lippman and Wellstein) are joined, as appropriate, by ad hoc members (e.g. those suggested by prospective grantees) and a RDS representative to provide written reviews and suggestions of individual grants prior to the submission deadline.

The program differs from the GUMC Mock Study Section review program in that the prospective grantee will not be present during the review. Instead, the Lombardi Standing Mock Study Sections will act more like an NIH review panel where multiple grants are reviewed during one session and no prospective grantees are presentProspective grantees will be provided the names of the reviewers so they can contact them post-review for clarification of comments and further discussion.

To arrange a standing mock study section review, the requested information should be submitted using the Lombardi Standing Mock Study Section Request Form.

A standing internal study section (frequency to be determined) for faculty who want to have their applications reviewed. 

Any member of the Lombardi Community.

Grants could be to any funder, though NCI R01 proposals are specifically invited to be supported using this mechanism.

The complete grant (Specific Aims, Significance, Approach and Biosketches), with option of posing specific questions in a cover letter.Those requesting a review would indicate the type of grant, suggested reviewers and collaborators. Ideally, reviewers will be matched to the applicant’s discipline and requested areas of expertise.