Proposal FAQs

Research Development Services is GUMC’s focal point for finding sponsored research opportunities and receiving proposal development support, including collaborations with other institutions or individuals. 

University policy requires the use of our federally negotiated and approved indirect cost rates on all sponsored research proposals submitted to external agencies. Any deviation to this rule must first be reviewed and approved by the Department Chair and then forwarded to the Medical Center Chief Business Officer for review and a final decision on the rate. The Office of Sponsored Research will only approve a proposal with a reduced rate after the Chief Business Officer has approved this action.

A budget is required for each budget year proposed for all proposals being submitted through the Office of Sponsored Research. This information is needed to properly determine and calculate appropriate IDC, fringe and effort projections.

Submission of a GU-PASS electronic transmittal package (abstract, budget, budget justification, SSDF(s) and FOA link) no less than 10 days prior to the sponsor submission deadline is required to allow OSR to review the information and to coordinate with the PI, department staff and other administrative offices to be sure that the proposal submission complies with University and sponsor requirements and policies. If additional time is needed, submit a written email request to the OSR Deputy Director, Trudy Bright, at

A consultant provides advice or services, generally for a fee rather than salary. They may participate significantly in the research, but more often help fill gaps in particular areas of expertise. A collaborator also provides particular expertise to a project, but participates actively in the research and is generally considered key personnel for budget purposes. Collaborators at other institutions would have their salary paid through a subaward.

It depends. Many sponsors do not require this information until a funding decision is made. Check the funding opportunity announcement to be sure.

The IRB Office will issue a Human Subjects Certificate after the appropriate review course has been completed.

Contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office for information related to IBC or other research-related safety issues.

Your GU-PASS electronic transmittal package must include a Letter of Intent (LOI) from the sub-institution along with a budget for each year the sub-contractor will be involved in the project, a budget justification and the sub-institution’s IDC Rate Agreement.

Contact RDS to begin. The sub-award specialist will submit a request to OSR using the GU-PASS sub-awards module using required documents (e.g., statement of work (SOW), budget and budget justification) provided by department personnel. OSR will negotiate the sub-agreement with the sub-institution. Learn more about the sub-award process.

eSNAP requires the investigator to first complete their part and then submit the electronic document to the OSR Grants and Contracts Officer responsible for their department. Once reviewed, it will be up-loaded by OSR staff through the NIH Commons. Find the OSR Grants and Contracts officer for your department.