Speed Grant Reviews

The purpose of this program is to increase the likelihood of extramural grant funding success by allowing the opportunity to review Specific AIMs pages, NIH bio-sketches, Response to Reviewers, and any other information to inform A1 resubmissions (e.g., A0 summary statements). For non-NIH grants, the equivalent information can be reviewed. The program is intended to be a resource at the beginning of the proposal stage to provide a solid starting point.  Speed Grant Reviews are available for faculty of all ranks (instructor, assistant, associate, and professor), tracks (e.g., tenure track, research track, medical educator track), and stages of career experience. 

Speed Grant Reviews can be used to review Specific AIMs pages, NIH Bio-sketches, Response to Reviewers, and pertinent information for A1 resubmissions (e.g., A0 summary statements). For non-NIH grants, the equivalent information can be reviewed. The Speed Grant Reviews occur on a rolling basis, and you must request a review via the Google Form.

In the Google Form you will be asked to provide a brief description of your proposal idea, the specific resource you need (Specific Aims page, Bio-sketch, Response to Reviewers page), the expected funding agency and mechanism, and information on collaborators involved in the proposed research. This information will be used to identify appropriate reviewers based on proposal content and mechanism, and to exclude those who are directly involved in your research.
Once you submit your request, you will be contacted by Research Development Services to schedule your Speed Grant Review.

After your Speed Grant Review is requested, you will be provided the names of up to 3 GUMC/MGUH faculty members to review your proposed project. They will be awaiting your email or telephone call to schedule a 30 minute session either in person or by telephone to provide you with appropriate and guiding feedback regarding your proposal.

You must have a completed Specific Aims page or Response to Reviewers page, names of collaborators, names of individuals you would either like to meet with or names of individuals you would prefer not to meet with, provide your bio-sketch, and other pertinent information as needed in order to participate in the Speed Grant Review process. This information will be provided to reviewers via e-mail in advance. If you do not have any of these completed, but have an idea about them that you would like to discuss, we suggest trying our idea lab.

Questions or Comments

Contact Dr Sonia de Assis with questions.