Preparing for Proposal Submission

GUMC proposal development is a collaborative effort between the Principal Investigator (faculty, staff, or student) and RDS. PIs should notify RDS at least six weeks in advance of the submission deadline.

RDS timeline and services
RDS Services and Deadlines

RDS proposal specialists help investigators prepare and route the required proposal documents for institutional review and approval in GU-PASS prior to the sponsor’s deadline. When notified of a submission by the PI, the RDS proposal specialist will:

  • Review the funding opportunity announcement or other solicitation mechanism to identify sponsor requirements
  • Work with PI to develop a budget and justification
  • Assist PI with gathering required proposal components and review for adherence to the funding opportunity
  • Submit and route proposal packages in GU-PASS¬†on behalf of the PI for institutional review and approval
  • Ensure the submission meets sponsor and University policies

GU-PASS routing should be done at least 10 days before the proposal is due to the sponsor to ensure institutional approval to submit. Final proposal documents are due to RDS at least three days before the deadline to allow time for review of the complete proposal and official submission by OSR.