Subcontracts and Consulting Agreements

Upon receipt of award, Research Development Services (RDS) Subcontract Specialists (SS) will work with investigators to initiate a request to the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) to establish, modify or close out a subagreement from GUMC to other institutions, such as subcontracts and independent consulting agreements. GU-PASS is used to track the initiation and modification of subawards. RDS staff will help the Principal Investiagtor (PI) to obtain the necessary documents from the sub institution and will route the information in GU-PASS. 

Requirements for a Subcontract Request- The process from the initial PI request for a subaward is outlined here

  • Award Specific Risk Assessment & Letter of Intent
  • Organizational Risk Assessment (required once per organization)
  • Statement of Work
  • Annual budget & budget justification
  • Subcontractor’s Indirect Cost (IDC) Rate Agreement (obtained from subcontractor)
  • Completed online W-9 Form (to be filled out by subcontractor.)  Additional information from the Tax Department can be found here.

Requirements for an Independent Contractor Request - The process from the initial PI request for an independent contractor agreement is outlined here.

  • Statement of Work
  • Tax Questionnaire Form (to be filled out by independent contractor)