Roles and Responsibilities

The Office of Research Development Services (RDS) staff members help investigators prepare and route proposal documents for internal (GUMC) institutional review and approval and assemble final application packages for Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) review, approval and submission.

The RDS Proposal Specialist (PS) and the Principal Investigator (PI) work as a team and each has roles and responsibilities related to proposal development, review & approval and submission. Proposal deadlines and services are listed below.

Six (6) Weeks in Advance of Sponsor Deadline

  • PI notifies the RDS Proposal Specialist (PS) assigned to the PI's department of intent to submit a proposal
  • PS confirms the targeted RFA/PA with the PI and highlights requirements of the proposal
  • PS sends the PI a proposal development checklist, which includes applicable documents, routing, reviews & approvals and deadlines
  • PI and PS work together to contact consortia members/collaborators (subaward institution/s) to initiate document collection

Four (4) Weeks in Advance of Sponsor Deadline

  • PI identifies and informs the PS of key personnel
  • PS and PI work with key personnel to collect and tailor biosketches
  • PI and PS work together to draft the budget and budget justification
  • PS secures needed documents from consortia members/collaborators (subaward institution/s)
  • PS enters the proposal information into GU-PASS
  • PI/PS work together to obtain department chair signatures (email confirmation is acceptable) for personnel in external departments
  • PI/PS work together to obtain approval for cost share expenses

Three (3) Weeks in Advance of Sponsor Deadline

  • PI sends the proposal abstract and budget justification to the PS for upload to GU-PASS
  • PS sends the PI the final budget for review and approval in GU-PASS
  • PS initiates proposal routing in GU-PASS for submission of general & study specific disclosures to investigators expected to participate in the proposed work, internal transmittal & budget routing for PI assurance/approval, department chair and Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) review and approval

Ten (10) Days in Advance of Sponsor Deadline

  • PS sends the PI a reminder of the internal deadlines (final proposal package must be submitted to OSR 3 days prior to the sponsor deadline)
  • PS works with PI to ensure that GU-PASS submission is complete and has received PI and department chair approval and has been routed to submit the following documents to OSR for internal review of:
    • GU-PASS electronic transmittal form
    • Abstract
    • Final budget
    • Budget justification
    • Subcontract and/or consulting documents
    • PS communicates with OSR on the expected date of the final submission

Three (3) Days in Advance of Sponsor Deadline

  • Final application is submitted to OSR for final review, error checking and submission to sponsor
  • PS remains available to correct proposal errors/deficiencies and confirms with OSR that the proposal has been submitted without errors and/or warnings
  • Upon successful submission, PI remains alert to sponsor/portal emails and reviews final application image to ensure that it is error-free
  • If errors are detected that need to be corrected, PI works with PS and OSR to make corrections and submit them prior to the sponsor deadline


Office of Sponsored Research Deadlines and Review

Final proposals not submitted to OSR in accordance with the deadlines listed above will receive minimal quality review.  Late submissions will not allow sufficient time for corrections or review for complex issues such as cost-sharing, subcontracts, IRB issues, etc.  A lack of time to review the budget can create errors if awarded. If adequate time is not allowed for a thorough review, OSR can make no assurances to the quality of the content of the proposals or their responsiveness to and compliance with the sponsor's RFA and reserves the right to withdraw the application after submission.