Funding Opportunity Links

Some top sources of biomedical research funding are listed below to assist Medical Center investigators and staff as they identify sponsored research funding opportunities.  

Multi-Agency Portals

Federal Agency Links

Foundations & Associations

Georgetown University Office of Foundation Relations (OFR)

The Office of Foundation Relations (OFR) can assist investigators in exploring funding opportunities from private foundations with such services as research on foundations, application preparation and review and submission to the sponsor. 

eBRAP Overview

eBRAP is the new Electronic Biomedical Research Application Portal serving USAMRMC, USAMRAA, CDMRP, TATRC, DHP.  eBRAP (eBRAP) is designed to allow Principal Investigators (PIs) to submit their pre-applications electronically over the Internet through a secure connection, and view and edit the contents of their pre-applications and full applications, as submitted through PIs can access eBRAP home page at A pre-application is required for all applications submitted to CDMRP. Full applications must be submitted through For information about pre-application and full application preparation and forms, please refer to the Program Announcements and Forms section in eBRAP or