Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my contact in RDS?

What documents will be needed to submit a proposal through the internal routing system?

I'm preparing an NIH proposal. Are there templates available for me to use for my application?

What are the NIH requirements for margins and font size?

Will I need to address sex as a biological variable in my proposal?

Who can I contact if I need additional information on clinical research costs?

Do I need to include an Authentication of Key Biological Resources document in my proposal if I do not propose the use of these resources?

What are “key biological and/or chemical resources”?

What kind of information should I include in the Authentication Plan?

Is Other Support required for an NIH application? DOD application?

What can be included in the Appendix Materials of my NIH application?

Can I have someone pre-review my application internally prior to submission to the sponsor?

Who are the institutional contacts for Foundation proposals?

When should I submit my Just-in-Time documents for an NIH proposal?